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Brand: 3M Banting
DescriptionWhen 3M first invented Clean and Strip, it revolutionized cleaning in the metal fabrication industry. Welds could be cleaned quickly and easily without damaging the workpiece, removing the need to use harmful and dangerous chemicals. Surfaces could be cleaned and prepared before welding w..
Brand: 3M Banting
Description             Features Advanced single stage filtration delivers high output. Built-in bypass valve - No need to shut off water for catridge change. Fully enclosed filter media - No spill, no mess. Sanitar..
Brand: 3M Banting
Description 3M, a global leader in Residential water filtration with over 50 years of filtration experience, continues to provide revolutionary products in user friendly designs. Our trusted Drinking Water System (DWS) utilizing our unique Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology ("I..
Brand: 3M Banting
What in the box. 1x 3M Indoor Water Filter AP DWS1000 with Stylish Faucet.   Description               Features Deluxe dual-stage system. Special monitoring device shuts off water - as a rem..
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