About Us

BUMA, in short for Building Materials, was established to be one of the leading e-commerce solutions provider in Malaysia. With our experience & expertise, we focus extensively in the hardware & building materials industries, and partner with major brands to succeed in their online journey. Our services include brand marketplace, e-commerce enabler & fulfillment centre.

Brand Marketplace

A new retail marketplace for sourcing hardware & building materials in Malaysia. We help brands connect to their consumers; create brand awareness, customer acquisition, drive business revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

E-commerce Enabler

Provide end-to-end solutions for brands to do e-commerce business. Our services include official store management, digital marketing, creative services, customer service management, supply chain management & fulfillment.

We help brands to achieve success in their online selling through marketplaces, e-commerce platforms and other online channels.

Fulfilment Centre

Focus on e-commerce distributions, where orders and goods will be processed, by going through several stages of processing such as receiving inventory, order picking & packing, labelling and shipping to consumers.


Grow your brand and online business now with BUMA – The Hardware & Building Materials Marketplace Malaysia.