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Gori 52 Hard Wearing Floor Varnish 5L

Gori 52 Hard Wearing Floor Varnish 5L
Gori 52 Hard Wearing Floor Varnish 5L
Gori 52 Hard Wearing Floor Varnish 5L
Gori 52 Hard Wearing Floor Varnish 5L
Gori 52 Hard Wearing Floor Varnish 5L
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  • Brand: Gori
  • Model: GORI52-5L-HTFV
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GORI 52 

  • Full bodied. 
  • Reduced humidity uptake due to use of high-grade modified alkyd binders. 
  • Raw material base is selected to ensure a high degree of colourlessness. 
  • Chemical and heat resistance. 
  • For easier application, reducing drips and runs. 
  • Proven reduction of dimensional changes in the wood and reduced risk of splitting and warping. 
  • Say translucency and you will receive translucency - enabling you to receive deeper and stronger translucent colours. 
  • The finish is tough enough to withstand strong household detergents, white spirit, alcohol, hot tea and coffee. 


Technical Data 

ProductGORI 52
Product Range0010 Primer, 0020 Matt, 0050 Semi-Gloss, 0095 Gloss, 8730 Bamboo, 8731 Volcanic Ash, 8732 Cherrywood, 7804 Teak, 8733 Rosewood, 7811 Ebony, 8101 White Birch
ColorColourless and coloured
FinishTranslucent, approx.: 20, 50 and 90% gloss at 60° angle
Application Rate10-12 m² on medium hardwood
ApplicationApproximately 60 µm per coat minimum w.f.t. 
Volume SolidsApproximately 35 ± 5% w/w
Drying time4-6 hours (touch-dry), 12-18 hours (re-coatable)
Flash Point55°C
Density0.9 ± 0.2 g/ml
CleaningWhite spirit
Packing0.75L and 5L
StorageAbove 5°C. Shelf life 24 months in unopened can


System treatments - softwood and medium hardwood 

Area of application 
Interior woodwork, colouredApply 1-2 coats of GORI 52 (coloured) followed with 2 coats of 52 (clear)
Interior woodwork, clearApply 1 coat of GORI 52 (primer) followed with 2 coats of GORI 52 (clear)


Safety Precaution 

Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Avoid release to the enviroment. Collect spillage. IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER or physician. Contain propiconazole (ISO). May Produce an allergic reaction. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. Use biocides safety. Always read label before use. For more information refer to Safety Data Sheet.


Color Option 






  Volcanic Ash 

  White Birch



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